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 In recent years, China rapid growth in electricity demand, power grid construction and stimulating investment in the high-speed transmission and transformation equipment market demand. The huge investment in power construction has brought opportunities and challenges to the transformer industry, prompting the transformer industry has been rapid development, is expected in the 12th Five Year Plan period, China transformer market growth rate will remain at around 10%.

The 12th Five Year Plan period of two large Power Grid Corp total investment will exceed 5000Billion Yuan, of which the State Grid is expected to invest nearly 4000Billion yuan, China Southern Power Grid is expected to invest 1116 Billion yuan.

In recent years, the global transportation market demand overall upward trend in distribution equipment. Over a period of time, speed up the power transmission from west to East, North South mutual supply, cross regional networking project construction, promote the rapid development of China power transmission and distribution equipment industry. From the current market development, transformer manufacturing industry will usher in a sustained, stable development period.

Transformation and upgrading of traditional transformer will create a very large market share, the elimination of backward products work to promote the bidding work, great economic benefits will be revealed. Energy saving type, intelligent type transformer R & D, manufacturing, sales, use, maintenance will become the mainstream of new products for the industry, will inevitably bring new development opportunities.

    Transformer is the key equipment of electric power delivery, due to the large number of transformer itself, consumption of electricity is also considerable. Relevant data shows, the current transformer, all our own consumption of electricity generation accounts for the amount of 3% ~ 10%. In the distribution network loss, transformer loss accounted for 40% ~ 60%, enormous energy saving potential.